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Session date

How many board do you insure ?
Your insurance covers
damaged surfboard,
Broken surfboard
Search costs
and rescue
Torn wetsuit

Retrouvez le détail des garanties de Winklecard Surfngo-2H dans la notice ci-dessous Read the entiere notice Territorialité: Surfngo-2h couvre tout claims withinEuropean Economic Space.

Territoriality : european union space
during session

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Contact us
+33 9 70 70 13 31

Une souscription facilitée
Subscription made easy

100% digital process

Des attestations immédiates
Instant policies

Your proof of insurance is sent by e-mail and also stored in your personal room

Une gestion des sinistres simplifiée
A claim management made easy

Winklecard will assist and guide you through the whole process so it'll be completed quickly

Des partenaires mondiaux
Global partners

Winklecard choose comprehensive insurance policies that are suitable locally and internationally ..

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